Ted Hall’s Blue’s Jam has been an Austin tradition for 24years.. Ted first started the jam Jan. 3, 1993 at a very small Italian restaurant called “Gino’s Italian Grill” located in South Austin.. The Blue’s jam has always been a gathering of Blue’s fans & musician’s young & old. The jam lasted at its 1st spot for 15 years, every Sunday night until Gino’s closed. Over the 24 years the jam has moved a handful of times around South Austin sports bars. Along the way the jam also tried a handful of places a few times only to shift to a better spot after a few weeks. There were several spots that kept the jam going each week. A Whiskey Speakeasy club/Hostel downtown for a year, a Hard Rock/Metal club in North Austin for 4 months suddenly closed by the IRS, a college campus bar 2 different times for 8 months each.. A coffee shop for 6 months located in huge Apartment complex above a shopping mall right in the center on town... A large Hotel w/a Music Club & Restaurant for 2 & 1/2 years ( 2 nights a week) in South East Austin & a New Orleans restaurant in North East Austin very short lived only 6 weeks.... Ted stopped the Blue’s jam in 2016 except on his Birthdays & at Christmas time......

News Flash:

June 2, 2018 Ted has started the Blue’s jam again. It’s now held at the Austin Guitar School on Sunday nights 8pm-11pm.. The format has been updated a little in the spirit of reconnecting the local Blue’s community with each other thru playing/jamming together in a completely creative atmosphere.. Musicians & fans can bring their own Alcohol, this is a 21 & up show. Minor’s must be accompanied by a parent..