5.0 star rating- This is the real Austin deal. Nice folks, great instructors and fair prices.
December 4, 2013
— Rose Gabriel
5.0 star rating- I have been taking guitar lessons with Paul Lidel for almost a year now. He’s an awesome teacher! When he gives out homework he would ask me to send him daily emails as to how many hours I practiced and at what bpm. I had been playing for 6 years and was fairly good and knew many songs first hand. But with him my basics has strengthened and I learned new styles as well. I can now improvise well in many genres.
He puts a lot of emphasis on getting time right and will make you play with a metronome always.
I sing at a restaurant and after learning under him I can now play Jazz and Blues comfortably. My soloing range has increased immeasurably. Paul is awesome and very patient!
— Arjun M.
5.0 star rating- I took Lessons at Austin Guitar School years ago and always found that Ted Hall vetted his teachers very well. Though I lean more toward folk music, I often heard many younger students learning contemporary music and even some classical. The staff was always professional and there is enough talent at that school to support the claim that Austin is the ‘Music Capital of the World’.
I’m writing this review because somehow Facebook showed that I gave this business a three star rating last week, which i did not- shame on Facebook. This business combines the arts with a well run business, a rarity in this age.
— Alana Carpenter
5.0 star rating 12/20/2013
If I could put down 12 stars...I learned more from Ted in 40 minutes than I have with hours of personal study. And the homework he gave me led to even more “a-ha” moments, what a rush. Easy scheduling, big place with a lot of private rooms for lessons. Think like how a dentists office is laid out. The whole place has a really cool vibe and everyone is friendly. Definitely worth it.
— Joe V.
January 2019”
5 Start rating – I owe Ted Hall a great deal of gratitude for helping me realize my dream of playing a guitar. After retirement, and with no musical background, I took lessons, with Ted Hall - AGS hero imho. Ted helped me progress from just knowing basic chords to making music, and influenced my daily practice routine. Ted is an effective teacher; whose method and patience quickly advanced my skill and knowledge. I definitely plan to take additional lessons with Ted in the future.
— Bruce Flory